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As the owner and lead project manager for Vital Accessibility and Ready to Run Designs, Ross Hardisty employs proven, tailored digital access and marketing strategies to help businesses and nonprofit organizations achieve their organizational goals. Since earning his B.A in Business Administration & Marketing from Fordham University in 2009, Ross has remained on the forefront of digital marketing with a focus on cutting-edge web design, ADA services, search engine optimization, digital strategy, and lead generation. His high level of business acumen and passion for delivering world-class solutions has propelled him forward for more than a decade.

Over the past 12 years in providing e-solutions to business and non-profit organizations, Ross has developed a passion for making the digital world more accessible to all.

No matter the industry or segment, Ross’s strategy is the same: to exceed his client’s expectations. And this drive couldn’t be more evident than in his volunteerism and service work. Ross has an innate passion for giving back to local charities and organizations, especially those that serve combat veterans and survivors of domestic violence. Because of his professional and charitable work in the community, he was named a 2014 “40 under 40” by the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce.



Vital Accessibility offers you a wide range of Web Accessibility services.

We offer complete Web Accessibility Solutions for a wide range of products such as web-apps, native apps, websites and documents across a variety of platforms using majorly used Assistive Technologies.

About Us

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Inclusive digital design is uncommon in online spaces, even though it’s entirely possible. There’s a digital divide between persons living with disabilities and their able-bodied counterparts that need to be addressed.

Accessibility makes good business sense. At Vital Accessibility, we’re taking center stage in making the digital world more accessible. Our team of IAAP Certified accessibility experts has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

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