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Of course you should always check with your CPA, but in a lot of cases…yeah. Here are some more details: –

In our opinion and in the opinion of many ADA compliance experts, no. Many automated tools may be helpful in the detection or elimination of some issues, but ultimately they are significantly limited. In many cases less than a quarter of ADA issues can be detected or remediated by automated tools.

US Government Opinion: “Automated scanning tools cannot apply human subjectivity, and therefore either produce excessive false positives or—when configured to eliminate false positives—test for only a small portion of the requirements.”-

Vital Accessibility conducts a human audit and the potential remediation of any issues on an inaccessible website to the highest possible standards outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) requirements.

Honestly, it depends. For simple documents it could be a matter of a few days. For larger products, it may take a more time audit and remediate. The best way to know is to send the full details to our team for a complete estimate. 

ADA compliance is important because it’s mandatory by federal law. Therefore, under the ADA, an organization must ensure that its website is accessible.

Failure to do so may result in ADA fines for noncompliance as well as lawsuits involving persons with disabilities. But perhaps the most financially damaging consequence of noncompliance is damage to your brand’s reputation.

On the upside, implementing ADA compliance measures for digital accessibility may qualify you for tax credits. You can claim the tax credit and receive up to 50% of eligible expenses incurred in making your website more accessible.

Accessibility makes good business sense. At Vital Accessibility, we’re taking center stage in making the digital world more accessible. Our team of IAAP Certified accessibility experts has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. We leave no stone unturned. Give us a call at 845-242-2993 and start your journey towards digital accessibility today!

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