Our Mission

The digital world is full of opportunities. Developing innovative and unique ways for individuals with disabilities to access those opportunities is our goal. Over the last few decades, the internet has changed the way we do business. We think differently and most of all, we communicate differently using a massive network. This network allows us to communicate globally in seconds.

People with disabilities are often unable to access the internet and the information it contains. Their inability to effectively access the internet makes it difficult to find the information or entertainment options they are looking for. With more and more people with disabilities joining the workforce, it’s essential that they are able to easily access the internet and all of its benefits. Our goal is to provide them with that access.

"Our mission is to simplify and streamline accessibility so every business, regardless of its size or resources, can participate in the global online inclusion efforts and become accessible."

-Vital Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act

In 1990, The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to ensure that anyone with a disability had the same opportunities as everyone else. The physical world holds many challenges for people with disabilities. In the early 90s, the goal of this legislation was to break down barriers that prevented people with disabilities from gaining access to the places they wanted to go.

As the internet exploded onto the scene, technology made it easy for people to do business, interact socially, and seek different methods of entertainment. The anti-discriminatory practices associated with the Disabilities Act took a front seat as people began to realize that many people with disabilities could not gain access to the internet and its valuable contents.

Moving Forward

Just because the internet is easy to use for most people, it doesn’t mean that it would be easy to make it accessible for others who have a disability. An extensive amount of work would be needed to develop a platform that would make it both affordable and efficient. Instead of working with each business individually, we went to the agencies that serve those businesses.

By partnering with the agencies, we were able to develop a network that was able to make the internet accessible to everyone. This brought the digital world into compliance and made it possible for millions of people with disabilities to effectively gain access to the digital world. Our tools, templates, and unique methods have opened the door to many new opportunities.

Working as a Team

With more than 22,000 websites showing up every day, the internet is growing at an astronomical rate. Being able to join forces with agencies, affiliates, organizations, and government entities allows us to reach a much larger group of businesses, as well as the people with disabilities they serve. If your mission is to reach others, we are here to help you make it possible for you to reach as many people as possible.

The internet is one of the most amazing things humans have ever created. For as unique as it is, there are faults that must be addressed. By working together, we can create innovative and exciting methods that will allow everyone to access the internet, no matter what limitations they may face.